HI! Welcome to Eight Seven Central, a business made up of creative individuals striving to make Des Moines more aesthetically pleasing through apparel and graphic design.

This Kraken imagery first appeared as part of a series of posters we did to graphically represent our company values: “Creative Problem Solving: If we don’t know the answer to something, we are driven and determined to find it.”

If you want to say hi or chat about us making one of these for you, please stop in. We love to talk.

This mural was a community effort by many individuals. We recognize them here. – Helen BlackBree DaggettAdam FerryJacob KupermanDamen LapalmDaniel PepperCurtis PoortingaAnthony Streeter

We’d like to give a special thank you to everyone who brought coffee or bought a t-shirt or honked and shouted encouragement, and Git-n-Go for letting us take up their parking lot for a few days. And we’d like to give a special non-thank you to whoever called the cops on us.

Let’s Keep Creating!